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Originally Posted by J.H View Post
A positive spin on Which Game has Left you the Most Disappointed thread, I wondered which games have people played that have actually surprised them? For example I played Still Life thinking that I wouldn't really get into it but was actually very happy to find it's a great game.
Still Life for me too (the first one anyway). I was expecting a regular old mediocre murder mystery, but it was more than that.

Amerzone was another one. I was expecting it to be about a trip to some tropical place and sort of a grind. I wasn't expecting the place to come to life the way it did.

Grim Fandango -- looked like a sort of cartoon from the screenshots, but the characters ended up being more complex and "real" than in many games that strive to be "realistic."

And Myst -- not what I was expecting at all. But once I got over my initial confusion I really got into it.

I guess you might add Obsidian. I was expecting it to be pretty good, but I wasn't expecting it to be as inventive as it turned out to be.
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