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In my case, definitely "The Lost Crown", as well as the other Boakes' games, including "Barrow Hill". I still haven't played "Dark Fall: The Journal", though.

I must admit that I usually "fall in love" with a new adventure game by looking at the screenshots. I remember when I've first seen pictures of TLC, they didn't looked promising to me. Also, I was somewhat sceptical, considering this was my first time playing the game from an idependent author. But I was so wrong (at least, in Boakes' case).

At the same time, I must say that the game from the same author was one of the bigger dissapointment among the adventures I've played recently. Namely, "Dark Fall: Lights Out". It just didn't hooked me. I've also tried the first "Dark Fall" game, but it's just not designed for the modern widescreen monitor. Luckily, I still have an older 15'' laptop, so I will try playing on that. I enjoyed "Dark Fall: Lost Souls", so I'm even more intrigued by the first DF game, because I've read many ravings about it, and how it's way better than "Lost Souls". Well, we'll see...
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