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Originally Posted by rayvio View Post
we have a winner! there may have been similar jokes in other games, I can't remember but this is the one I was quoting at least
At first, I was going to pick a really easy one:

"What a relief. I was getting concerned that our transportation wasn't ostentatious enough."

But then I saw that game had already been used in this thread several times, so I thought of this one:

"Last version was better. More bugs. Bugs make game fun."

But that's unfair. Some of you probably weren't even born when that game was released, so I ended up with one (slightly reworded to keep it from being obvious) which should be pretty easy:

"I think this Bumpus goon is overcompensating for his lack of stature. And besides, I've got a lot more trophies than he does."
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