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On the Wii, Super Mario Galaxy... I previously played it most of the way through and then stopped. Recently I've decided to go back and replay it, so I can finish the game before starting on SMG 2! I just finished the Terrace (although there are still some stars I'm missing), and I'm starting on the Kitchen.

On the PC, Sacred... I am getting ready to escort the guy and his bodyguard from the second town to the third town. Upon my first play, the skill/spell/combo system is diabolically confusing. Fortunately, there are more quests, more plot points, and more characters than in Diablo and most of its spin-offs, and the gameplay is less focused on mindless hack-n-slash, and more on tactics, than Diablo and most of its offshoots. This makes things very difficult, as I'm not a tactically-minded person. It remains to be seen whether I'll look favorably upon this game or not. The fact that it's 10 years old doesn't do it any favors, either.
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