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Originally Posted by Ascovel View Post
"WE" meaning "people of whom no one has worked at LucasArts in the past 10 years"?

There's nothing left of the old LucasArts in LucasArts except the IPs. If the new team wants to reinvent the genre, their ambition doesn't mean to me anything more than of some random studio I know nothing about.
Not necessarily, LucasArts has allot more funds than a random studio and also has much more expertise in making games than a random studio. They can get good writers, artists & programmers.

Also, the old guys were affiliated with Monkey SE remake and if their contribution turns out to be necessary, LucasArts can always pay them.

Should they choose to do so, LucasArts creating new AGs could really revive the genre.

Of course this is all partly hypothetical, no games have been announced, no art has leaked and no information on which team(s) will be doing it is available, just an interview at kotaku.
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