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Default LucasArts possibly making new adventure games

LucasArts possibly making new adventure games


Some quotes:

"We've always been in the action AND adventure game," Derrick responded. "It just seems that we've been emphasizing one over the other lately. The Special Editions and Tales of Monkey Island have been a way to measure the audience's reaction to us doing more straight adventure games and to see how the audience reacts to Monkey Island so many years after the first and last game in the series. It's been pretty successful so far."
But don't expect a new pure, point-and click adventure title from the company any time soon.
"But if we were to truly get back into the "adventure" business then I would say we need to take some of what we've learned from the "action" side of the business a little bit, look at today's audience sensibilities and reinvent the genre just as we did with Maniac Mansion 23 years ago."
This is exciting and the departure from point and click (thank god) makes it sound that their games will be modern in graphics, controls & UI, should they choose to make AGs again.

Their AGs were really good, with an innovative UI, engine and superb graphics for their time. I hope they will bring the spirit of those games to the modern gaming era, of course revamping everything to today’s standards.
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