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Dark Fall - I'm still just poking around and gathering clues, feel like I'm getting close to being stuck.

Martian Memorandum - going through it 75% with a walkthru, I don't like to say this, but the outdated interface/graphics really slowed my enthusiasm so I'm just happy to follow along to the end. Plus, the dialog options are really odd. This game was obviously meant to provide thousands of hours of replay to get moving - not really that great.

Dragon Age - About 3 hours in. I can't get into it and I don't know why, I'm playing it on PS3, and wish my pooter could run it, it's too...FPSey on the PS3ey.

Dark Fall is what I'm spending my time right now on, loving it, although I'm worried I'm about to run out of things to manipulate and won't know what to do, we'll see...
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