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Originally Posted by Phaid View Post
HR is not an adventure game. It's an interactive movie. Dragon's Lair with an enormous budget and monstrous marketing machine of Sony behind it. It caught the attention of the masses with its great graphics and cinematic "feel", in addition, it was hyped for years as "something revolutionary". There are no puzzles, it requires no thought, only button pressing skills.
It's not a surprise it sold decently, considering all the aspects mentioned above.
OMG, not this again... LOL at the game requiring no thought and only button presing skills... At least get the facts right, if you've not played the game...

And come on, no one expected Heavy Rain to sell this good. It's definitely a surprise. Monstrous marketing certainly helps a bit into making the game a million seller, but quality of the game itself is definitely the main driving force here...
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