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De-railing this thread is not my intention, but I feel obliged to respond to certain accusations.

Originally Posted by Lupin The Third View Post
While it's true that most of us evil "console" gamers
There's no need to speak in such an antagonizing tone. If you wish to spark a PC vs console debate however, be my guest.

do have PCs fully capable of running any new adventure game why should the genre be restricted to PCs only?
Last time I checked, it's never been PC only, so I have no idea what you're getting at. The fact remains, an average consumer these days couldn't be less interested in the genre - that for the most part has nothing to do with the platform your typical adventure game gets released on.

Your point that putting Gray Matter on a console won't magically make a console gamer want to buy it is as accurate as saying that putting it on the PC won't make a PC gamer automatically want to buy it. So that's kind of a pointless statement.
Except pretty much everyone who owns a console already has a PC more than capable of running adventure games, yet vast majority of people choose to play Farmville, PoP Cap Games etc. as opposed to giving representatives of the aformentioned genre a chance. Why? "Not enough action, they're BORING." It is delusional to assume that a console release will change anyone's taste.

But I get what you're implying....the implication is that console gamers are idiots who don't have an appreciation for AGs. But if we want to reverse the looking glass onto the PC community it's even easier to say that PC gamers are nothing but pirates who steal games and only pay for infantile crap like World of Warcraft. Halo may appeal to foul mouthed teenagers but console gamers aren't keeling over dead in their seats or running down the streets screaming about monsters because they're so mentally unhinged that they can't separate the real world from a MMO...or leaving their baby at home starving while they spend time in a lan cafe raising a virtual baby like that couple just did. See how that works?
Again, the antagonizing tone and putting words into my mouth won't help you get your point across.

Simplifying the reality of the situation into a "consolers are dumb" argument belies the truth of the situation. Console gaming is just as diverse as PC and AGs, which are a very niche genre now even on PC, are more likely to appear on a PC given simple economics. On a PC there are no licensing fees....on a PC there's no approval process...on PC even the smallest developer can release a game tomorrow via digital distribution. Without spending even a dollar to approve, license, or Q/A a game...and without having to acquiesce to the demands of MS, Sony, or Nintendo in order to meet their digital distro requirements. Combine that with the fact that the genre originated on PC and it's a simple combination of nostalgia and economics that guarantees that the majority of AG will be PC only and only the "larger" devs will be able to bring a title to the consoles.
Yet even the adventure games that eventually made it there despite those difficulties were hardly good sellers.

If you want to berate anyone you should berate PC gamers...after all isn't this where the genre originated? Why have the overwhelming majority of PC gamers turned their backs on the genre?
The number of explosions on screen per minute was too low. It's as simple as that.
Need I remind you that quite a lot of a.g. made it to the consoles, too? How successful were they? Not very, it seems since not a single console publisher funds new releases anymore.

Taking potshots at those of us who prefer gaming on a console when we're trying to support the genre is only silly and unfounded. Especially given that over 100,000 of us bought Monkey Island on XBLA
And how many copies did other adventure games sell? Like recently released Sherlock Holmes on xbox360?

Heavy Rain has sold a MILLION copies worldwide (name the last PC AG that did that.....)
HR is not an adventure game. It's an interactive movie. Dragon's Lair with an enormous budget and monstrous marketing machine of Sony behind it. It caught the attention of the masses with its great graphics and cinematic "feel", in addition, it was hyped for years as "something revolutionary". There are no puzzles, it requires no thought, only button pressing skills.
It's not a surprise it sold decently, considering all the aspects mentioned above.

Gray Matter, on the other hand, will NOT sell nearly as good. It's an adventure game, and those products masses are NOT interested in. Let's see where your "adventure games-loving console audience which bought Heavy Rain" will be when the game ships.

and xbox gamers and media freaked out just a few weeks ago when it was revealed that MS refused to publish Machinarium and that the game will likely never come to the service since Amanita isn't being allowed to simply self-publish the game onto XBLA!
Freaked out? I haven't noticed.

Then there's the whole NDS side of things where adventure gaming has been hugely successful.
Nothing wrong with adventure gaming on the go.

Some of us simply prefer consoles for one reason or another. For me it's predominantly because I do the majority of my gaming at night. My wife likes to watch many of the games I play as she falls asleep, and I stay up a few hours later while continuing to play. That arrangement simply doesn't work in front of a PC. Plus I'd rather play my games on my 57" HDTV, or even my 36".
They ship consoles with 57" HDTVs these days? PCs, including even the cheapest laptops have HDMI ports for a reason.

Recently I picked up Broken Sword 1 & 2 for PC. But even though I have them for PC I actually played through the first game via the emulated version for Dreamcast instead. As a result, my wife who never understood what appealed to me about adventure games, said "I finally see why you play these now" after I'd completed the game. Think that would have happened with me hidden away in the office playing Broken Sword on my PC?
Where you put your computer or whether you buy a desktop or a laptop is entirely up to you. You have only yourslef to blame if you threw your computer into the office.

Sorry for the long rant. I'm just tired of coming here and being attacked because I'd rather enjoy my gaming on a console than a PC...
You twisted my argument which had nothing to do with attacking anything or anyone and for some reason unnecessarily sparked an anti-PC tirade. Let us forget about this incident and get back on topic.

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