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Originally Posted by Phaid View Post
Except anyone who owns a console most probably owns a PC that can run adventure games "the way they're meant to be played" anyway - if he isn't interested in adventure games to begin with, putting Gray Matter on the console won't magically make him want to buy it...
If you have statistical evidence showing that I'd love to see it. Many gamers who choose consoles sometimes don't use PCs to game on for one reason or another. I stopped using my laptop for it years ago and have since switched to consoles (own all 3 of them).

It might help with publicity somewhat, however.
Like I stated, offering some adventure games on the console can only make them more accessible to many more people may otherwise not know of the games or for some reason can't play them on PCs.

Why be cynical? Consoles, as well as mobile platforms like the DS and iPhone, simply expose the adventure game to more people who might like it. And isn't that what you would want to happen to your favourite genre?
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