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Jane Jensen's Gray Matter confirmed for Xbox 360
| Joystiq

Gray Matter, Jane Jensen's long overdue adventure game, is also making its way to the Xbox 360 when the game finally launches later this year (... allegedly). Originally announced for PC years ago, there had been talk of a console version -- but for the Wii. Publisher dtp entertainment states the controls have been adjusted for Microsoft's console, but "other than that, Gray Matter's PC and Xbox 360 versions are absolutely identical."

Jensen was the mind behind the acclaimed Gabriel Knight adventure series during the 90s. Hopefully, this'll be the year we finally get to wrap our brains around Gray Matter.
I posted this news of Joystiq reporting for a reason. Joystiq is NOT a gaming site dedicated to adventure games only (like AG is). It reports on just about any game, though few adventure games get covered there. That Gray Matter got reportage means that there is an interest in Jane Jensen titles among gamers who normally prefer hardcore action, FPSs, RPGs, strategy games, and arcade titles.

One of them even posted: "Yes, Yes that's nice. But when will Jane be making Gabriel Knight 4?" LOL!

Gotta say that I'm very happy that this game will make it to the XBox 360. It's so necessary to have more adventure games - i.e. non-violent interactive, brain challenging games - on the consoles. It helps put the adventure game out there so that more people will know about it.

I don't know how successful Gray Matter will be, and frankly I don't expect it to be anywhere near a blockbuster. But it's good that it will also be available for non-PC gamers.
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