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Default Oldest game you haven't finished yet?

I installed Keepsake over 4 years ago on my old pc with XP, and reinstalled it last year on the new pc with windows 7, having kept all my save games. At this rate, it might see windows 8 too

I got stuck on a puzzle about 2 or 3 years ago and refused to have a walkthrough solve it for me, so I left the game. Tried it again last night for the first time since then, still couldn't do the puzzle, and ... surrendered, using the walkthrough, lol. It was the puzzle where you have to swap tiles with mages and knights to get the dragon to it's lair/cavern at the bottom left corner, if anyone remembers that one. Bloody difficult! It's still a beautiful and atmospheric game, and I'm going to push on and see if I can't solve any more of these fiendish puzzles.

What games from way back have you not finished yet for whatever reason, and feel like revisiting or have started to revisit?