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Originally Posted by zobraks View Post
Hey, I couldn't play even Season 1 with high Graphics Quality on my MSI ER710x-052EU with integrated graphics (Sam & Max crawled like a pair of slugs ). Is your laptop newer (stronger)? Can you (or someone else) tell me whether my laptop will cut the mustard?
It's fairly new and powerful. It runs Mass Effect on medium settings. But hey, most laptops aren't exactly meant for gaming.

Originally Posted by Monolith View Post
Maybe just lower the graphics quality? lol
Naw, as I had no such problems with ToMi. What I did was, I let it cool off, turned it on again, shut down all background processes like teh internets, attached an external mouse, and migrated to a larger cooler room. After that I was able to beat it in one sitting, no crashes.
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