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Amsterdam poetry!!

Performed on the day from suggestion by Jelena. (Escape game addict)


There’s trophies set upon a shelf I wonder what they mean
The walls are a soft yellow but the place is pretty clean
Strange objects hung up everywhere, it seems there is no doubt
That its going to take some thinking if I’m to find the way out.
I take a glass of liquid, its colour a light-brown
I’m sure that it will help me so I quickly drink it down
Look at a physics puzzle where you knock about some balls
Then I take some arrows and I throw them at the walls
There’s one wall in particular, set with a target round
Perhaps with more brown liquid its true purpose will be found
See squares upon the tables, on them glasses I arrange
Though I try them full and empty they don’t seem to bring a change
And all of this brown liquid is just making me feel funny
Not to mention that acquiring it is taking all my money
My balance turning wobbly, my words becoming slarred
This game they call “Escape the Pub!” is really, really hard.

Not performed because it turned out half the group were uncultured philistines that had never heard of this Ronnie Hilton classic (with quality mice-on-head dancing)

There once was a meet-up in old Amsterdam

There once was in Holland a very nice man
His name was tsa, he had a thought one day
He turned this thought into a quite cunning plan
Hold a forum meet-up in old Amsterdam


And so they came,
From here and there
From everywhere
To there
An AG forum meet-up
Well I declare
Meeting of forumites extraordinaire
Oh yeah

Along came Maruca, Jelena as well
With husband and offspring, saw fun in the offing
As well as that colourful bloke, stepurhan
To the forum meet-up in old Amsterdam


Luna Sevithiainen also came along
And Jazhara7, her clothes Gothic heaven
Every single one an adventuring fan
At the forum meet-up in old Amsterdam


They took a canal trip and went for a meal
That great chap tsa, arranged for a good day
They all sang in chorus “How lucky we are
With our forum meet-up in Amsterdam, ya!”


So for a good day out, please take my advice
Join a forum meet-up, they are really nice.

I also did No Nonsense Nonsonnets numbers 46 and 47, which will appear in due course.
No Nonsense Nonsonnets #43

Cold Topic

A thread most controversial, that’s what I want to start
Full of impassioned arguments, of posting from the heart
And for this stimulation all will be thankful to me
On come on everybody it won’t work if you agree
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