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Originally Posted by AprilLives View Post
Playing Overclocked and just finished the second flashback. This game got a pretty good rating even at Gamespot so I'm surprised at how slow and hooked up it gets at flashback and other video sequences. Black screens with nothing to indicate what's going on between events sucks the adventure right out of a game. Otherwise, the story, voiceovers and art seem okay. Actually, the lead voice is excellent. I think he's used a lot and might be the same guy that's in Moment of Silence.
Your lawyer friend in Overclocked is the same voice as the jugular guy (maybe main characters dad? I forget) in the Whispered World demo too. I only noticed because i played them both a few days ago.

I enjoyed Overclock and felt that the flash backs were pretty good but wished they had more environments. I mean Moment of Silence had plenty of variety in environments except for the very beginning of the game but in overclocked you really only have your hotel, bar, and work. And you only have puzzles really only during flashbacks. Maybe they took criticisim for TMOS for being too difficult and felt like they had to simplify the game.
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