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Currently, I'm playing one of my all-time favourites: Commandos 2: Men of Courage. In my eyes, this is a perfect game. Even today, it looks, sounds and plays fantastic!

I've played it many times before, but with the game such as Commandos, you can change your approach every time, so it never gets boring. On top of it all, I still haven't achieved the highest rank of Field-Marshall -- the best I've managed so far was Brigadeer, I think -- so this also keeps me going. Right now, I've reached the "Saving Private Smith" mission. I've managed to get the promotion on every mission so far, apart from "Bridge over the River Kwai". Strangely, I don't get any merit at all on this one!? Maybe it's a bug when playing on the highest difficulty. Looks like I'll have to make do with the rank of General, which is also uncertain, especially with "Smith" mission. In my past playthroughs, this was the mission which usually cost me the promotion. I've re-thinked my strategy, so maybe I'll make it this time.

I still havent played "Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines" and "Commandos: Beyond the Call of Duty", though I've tried the first one and liked it pretty much. The graphic isn't bad as I expected (for such an old game), but it frustrates me that many functions that are available in Commandos 2 and 3 weren't yet implemented in the first two games, so I'll have to change my strategy slightly.

"Commandos 3: Destination Berlin" is IMO a big step back comparing to my favourite "Men of Courage", but the spirit of Commandos is still present, which certainly isn't the case with the latest "Commandos: Strike Force". If Pyro decides to make another "Commandos" game, I really hope they'll return on the paths of glory.
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