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Originally Posted by stepurhan View Post
Wasn't there a risk we wouldn't recognise her with her turning up in a different body?
Was I right?. The Nomad Soul or Omikron. It was spinny circles of some sort if I recall correctly though
Well, no... Though it does start with "O" If I remember correctly, you squeeze the crystal.

Basically it's in another dimension though. You have to make a wormhole that threathens to eat up the earth. Then travel through to fix the probe that was sent, to close the wormhole.

And you know, you might get to wear a cool shirt (but only if you're a bit messianic). Maybe not so cool as the shirt on the pics though...

(Edit): And if you still need more hints (though of course if you haven't played, it will possibly just confuse you more, and you proably won't get it anyways), there are certain Stargate vibes in the game (or as I like to call it, Stargåte (it says that in the opening video! (of Stargate, that is)))

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