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Originally Posted by bulldog View Post
The close up of the name tags would be great
As you wish

Bottom-left is a fork.
Originally Posted by Luna Sevithiainen View Post
We have been good. We didn't burn down Amsterdam, we didn't take everything from Amsterdam, and we weren't arrested put into the lunatic asylum, so not bad huh?
Nah, we did all that stuff. Then we reloaded an earlier saved game and tried a different approach.
Okay, so I did kind of run tsa into Jaz, and it surprises me he never got seasick with me pushing, but hey, I don't have a driver's license for pushing wheelchairs
At least you didn't constantly run him into danger like.............oh, hang on, I was denying I did that wasn't I?

Here is an over the shoulder shot of you driving with care.

Bottom-right is my backpack. This is really an over-the shoulder (backwards) shot.
Thanks for the pictures Step! I look a bit weird on that one, but that must be because I am inherently weird hihi
You just didn't seem to have any luck at the moment that pictures were taken. I've got the great arm-waving one as well.

My wife and I both agree that you have stunning hair though (we also agree that Jaz has stunning hair but in a slightly different way, also useful for location on busy streets )
Originally Posted by Elvira View Post
Luna: Sorry for not saving the game, I had some trouble finding the save button in real life
If you weren't sure of the controls you could always have pressed the F1 key.

Isn't it Luna's responsibility to educate you about these things though?
Originally Posted by Fantasysci5 View Post
So, I must ask; was it awkward at first, like saying hello and finding things to talk about?
All seemed fine actually. With the common thread of gaming we got along straight off.
Originally Posted by UPtimist View Post
(Or a gaamsaav crystal (it was a crystal, right?) but those might be a bit hard to find, especially on Earth)
Anyone know what I'm talking about there?
Wasn't there a risk we wouldn't recognise her with her turning up in a different body?
Was I right?. The Nomad Soul or Omikron. It was spinny circles of some sort if I recall correctly though

Little summary possible?
We met. We did stuff. We went home.

Too little?
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