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Small summary with pictures:

We met at the Central Station where Stepsie gave us all a bagde with our name on it. Now we were official. Then Mr. J (Jelena's husband) made group photos of us. After that we went for a ride on one of the tourist boats:

The rest follows...

The three girls who were on the same bench just twittered the time away, oblivious of the grandeur of the city that was unfolded outside the window. Step, Jazz and me payed attention so we had value for money.

After the boat it was time for a light snack. In practice that meant that everyone had a drink, and Jazz had a drink and a giant meat ball that she devoured in 10 seconds or so:

Jazz and Step had gifts for everybody: Jazz gave us a model of the cans they keep apple wine in in the area where she lives (am I right Jaz? I didn't get most of your story), and Step had two little puzzles for all of us. The waiter kept asking the ladies: "Are you on the Internet? Oooh, I have to go on the Internet too! All these nice ladies there!"

After some debate on the Dam in front of the Palace we went inside the Palace.

Unfortunately we didn't have much time for the palace because we had to go and shovel down a lot of food at the fantastic restaurant my anonymous friend had chosen for us!

Step wore that smile on his face the whole day!

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