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Hey guys! I'm glad you all got home well

The get-together was great! It was even more fun than I had hoped it would be. You guys are great to hang out with. Yay for being with a bunch of people that are weird like me (when I told me girlfriend to save her game she didn't even do it. We did it all the time, what with all those timed and action sequences )

We have been good. We didn't burn down Amsterdam, we didn't take everything from Amsterdam, and we weren't arrested put into the lunatic asylum, so not bad huh?

Okay, so I did kind of run tsa into Jaz, and it surprises me he never got seasick with me pushing, but hey, I don't have a driver's license for pushing wheelchairs

Thanks for the pictures Step! I look a bit weird on that one, but that must be because I am inherently weird hihi

I think I'll post my pictures tuesday I think. Now is a bit late, and tomorrow I am not at home, so you got some to look forward to

Thanks for the great time, guys! We should really do this again!
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