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Originally Posted by stepurhan View Post
Welcome back dude. I hope you're going to take up your place in Thread Must Die! again.
I was kind of thinking I might avoid that thread this time, too many wasted hours in there, then again that is where most of the amusing comments arise, so I suspect I'll wind up back in there sooner or later.

Originally Posted by stepurhan View Post
Now you have this legal qualification are you planning to spike your hair, point, hit tables and shout objection a lot? (Not the only one playing Phoenix Wright games)
Actually, I was thinking more of whipping people and demanding perfection. ^^

Originally Posted by stepurhan View Post
I assume you've heard news of the passing of Blake Carrington (and the voice of Charlie in Charlie's Angels)
Aww, you linked to The Telegraph just for me. Yes, I had heard the sad news, and I confess my ocular implant exhibited a slight malfunction whilst reading about it.
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