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Originally Posted by Periglo View Post
I actually missed Deus Ex 2, Invisible War. Is it worth it?
I missed it myself, mostly because when it came out my PC wasn't good enough to run it (I since switched to console gaming almost exclusively).

Deus Ex was quite good, imho. The gameplay felt like a precursor to Mass Effect, to some degree. The story wasn't nearly as good, though.
Are you sure that's a fair comparison? After all, Deus Ex was originally released ten years ago, and games have progressed by leaps and bounds ever since, as evinced by Mass Effect 2 and other story driven titles.

Deus Ex received many accolades...

Deus Ex has earned a number of awards and many nominations, including over 40 Game of the Year and/or best in its class awards in magazines and websites. This includes awards from the British Academy of Film and Television Arts, IGN, GameSpy, PC Gamer, Computer Gaming World, and The Adrenaline Vault, among many others. Deus Ex was also awarded "Excellence in Game Design" and "Game Innovation Spotlight" at the 2000 Game Developers Choice Awards and won in the "Computer Innovation" and "Computer Action/Adventure" categories at the Interactive Achievement Awards.It has additionally received many Best Story accolades, including first prize in the 2006 Gamasutra "Quantum Leap" awards for storytelling in a video game.

Deus Ex has appeared in a number of greatest games of all time lists and hall of fame features, placing in the top thirty for most, and in the top ten for many. This includes numerous IGN 100 Greatest Games of All Time lists, GameSpy's Top 50 Games of All Time, 25 Most Memorable Games of the Past 5 Years, and Hall of Fame, numerous PC Gamer Top 50 PC Games lists, Yahoo! UK Video Games' 100 Greatest Computer Games of All Time, and in GameFAQs' Top 100 Games of All Time. It was also named second best game of the decade by Gamasutra.

The game arguably deserved all such praises for its time, not least of which was because, as Niko pointed out, it allowed you to shape your experience of the story through philosophical and moral choices step by step.

If anything Deus Ex paved the way for subsequent RPGs like Mass Effect 2. I don't understand your point of comparing it to another game launched today.
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