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We've begun! So exciting and just in time with me starting my Masters at uni too, lucky me!

I'm a little stuck in the first chapter still, hopefully I can get through it in time. My first impressions are good though. The thing that bugs me the most is the amount of cutting between characters during conversation - I just want it to stay on the person rather than seeing 100 different nods from Gabriel (unless it's something of particular importance).

I am starting to get used to the real life Gabriel (I do still miss Tim though ), so far all I've heard of Grace is her voice (which is alarmingly similar). Then Gerde which I would agree seems different. And yes, far from the potato peeling days Fien haha!

Actually the other thing I've noticed with the dialogue bits is odd facial expressions. The worker at the zoo that you first meet makes about 20 different faces during the length of the conversation. And the guy at the zoo office tends to give Gabriel a kind of intent observation on his way out. A little too intent if you ask me . Of course, not knowing the story it could be that he has some secret cause to make this expression, but to me he appears to have a special... fondness for him .

I'm very intrigued with where this story is gonna go though. The woods at the Huber farm is particularly creepy. I just want to dive into them and go exploring! But Gabriel won't! Argh! Patience...
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