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Yay finally we could start. So what can I say, I love this game, even though it may have its flaws and I miss some of the things from the other GK and the other forms of gameplay, such as more interactivity, but FMV has a lot to offer. I definitely love the depth the characters and the setting have thanks to the real actors and situations. I also miss Tim Curry's Gabe, it has like more charisma and adds more humor to the otherwise serious and dark atmosphere but I think the actor did a good job, as well as Grace's, who in my opinion resembles a lot (even physically) to Grace in GK1.

I have to also agree with the zoo puzzle, the first time I had to look a walk through cause I just couldn't figure out what to put in the message (similar to the Cemetery puzzle in GK 1) I find it curious that in both GK1 and GK (and even GK3) one of the hardest puzzles is just right at the beginning (clock puzzle, disguise?) instead of at the end which is when there should be more difficulty. It's a weird choice in my opinion that can pull off some players, but it's a great chapter anyways.

I also love the references to GK 1, like the music in the Police Station and the guy playing in the street. Is he playing some of the songs that were also played on Jackson Park or is it just my impression?

Thanks DaveyB, it's great to have someone giving us more insight on the language and things about the real locations, it must have been quite an experience for you! (like the newspaper bit) By the way, now that you mention the German being spoken through the game, I was wondering if you could give us like hints on what people is saying,
such as the guy in the Police Station (I'm really curious about that one) or what Von Zell and the others say at the club the first day...
I know they are not really important for the game, but it would be really fun to know what is people saying that neither us nor Gabe could understand

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