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GK2 was (I think) the first "modern" adventure I played - I had a Sinclair Spectrum (those were the days) back in the mid-80's and got into text adventures (Level 9, the Hobbit etc) back in those "quality" days . But till moving to Munich, I hadn't seen anything of Lucas Arts or Sierra adventures.

On moving to Munich end 94, I got to know another British guy here, who at some point in 95 (I guess, maybe '96?) showed me GK2 - he was more of a wargamer himself, but the Munich aspect made it interesting. I played through day 1 on my own (seem to remember he helped me a bit with
splicing the tape to help get in to see the wolves
. From day 2 onwards, we played it through together - I do remember walking the 30mins home at around 1 o'clock in the morning...and that was after finishing day 5!
Anyone who can remember what happened at that point will understand why, though I'm not normally someone who has a problem walking around alone late at night, in this case I was rather nervous

Hence GK2 will always have a special place in my heart, and I have no problem with either actor - someone who was used to Tim Curry from GK1 did have to get used to something different. Gracie I always found excellent in GK2 - indeed, despite there being 3 different actors for her, the changes between the 3 games worked pretty seamlessly I feel, for Gaby it's certainly a much bigger change. With it being the first "modern" adventure of quality I played, and with it being set in Munich, nothing's ever managed to knock it off the No. 1 spot for me; indeed, only GK1, GK3, and Longest Journey have come close.

Originally Posted by Fantasysci5 View Post
I don't know if it's just me, but something about Herr Huber's acting was a bit off. I really like him, but the way when he was telling of his relative's death, and said, "Yeah, it's bad" just felt off. I really like his character, and the rest of his acting is awesome.
I don't think so - he's meant to be a non-native (English) speaker, and so that he doesn't happen to have the range of vocabulary to describe what he wants to say is very reasonable. Most of the acting's pretty good for me, (though watching the same clip five times over makes it feel a bit wooden . A problem for Gaby & Gracie at times), though I wasn't very convinced by Sepp or his wife at the beginning - still, they weren't exactly major characters.

Originally Posted by Fien View Post
Thereís quite a bit of German spoken to create a genuine local atmosphere, but the clever game makes sure you donít miss anything important.
Yep, this is one of the things that's great about the game - indeed, it gives quite a different impression at times when you do understand German compared to when you don't. I'll come back to this on a later day, but two good examples from day 1 are:
(1) in the police station - understanding what the policeman's saying (in very patronising German ) gives it quite a different impression . Indeed, one beautiful bit is when Gabe asks for Kommissar Leber, he actually tell the policeman he's looking for "Liebe" i.e. love .
(2) When I first played GK2, we got stuck early on because
we couldn't go to the Zoo. The reason turned out to be when we found the newspaper at the Huber's farm, we hadn't clicked on it. We didn't need to because we'd understood the German and so had just read it. However, it's clicking on the newspaper that gets Gaby's comment about not understanding much German but that it's about wolves escaping from the Zoo etc and so "releases" the Zoo location at Thalkirchen. An unusual way to get stuck in an adventure

Originally Posted by Matan View Post
Sorry if I missed something but,
what clock puzzle?
I think Fien's getting ahead of her(?)self here - the clock puzzle in question is stilla couple of days away

Finished day 1 a couple of days being good and waiting here
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