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I’m a sucker for FMV and this is one of the best FMV adventures ever. As much as I loved Tim Curry’s Gabe, nothing beats real people. IMO. There’s quite a bit of German spoken to create a genuine local atmosphere, but the clever game makes sure you don’t miss anything important. Having said that, I would have missed that the woman and child in the intro are actually leaving the place (first time I watched it I thought they were going outside to get a closer look at the burning fire, and I blame the grainy graphics for my mistake), if it hadn’t finally dawned on me that the German guy called out “the carriage is waiting!”. Intriguing intro which sets a nicely dark and creepy tone. Love the Robert Holmes music.

The opening movie is excellent too. Spooky procession, torches, Blake Backlash book, ancient typewriter, madonna, tantrum, dramatic scene of the child getting killed...gotto love it. I feel they picked the right guy to play Gabriel, although I’m not so sure everybody agrees with me. Herr Huber is very good, the other minor characters could have been much better. Gerde has changed quite a bit since her potato peeling days.

The first chapter is not real exciting. Basic inquiries, solid investigative stuff, getting a feel for the place. Nice references to GK1: the scars on Gabe’s arm, the Saints song, admiring his thick manes in the mirror.

I have a question for our Munich resident. About the zoo:

The fences around the wolf area are awfully low. Too low to be realistic. Do you know if the real zoo is anything like the few pics we get to see in the game?

About the puzzles:
What is it with the obscure GK clock puzzles? This one was ridiculous too. A prime example of doing something just because you can, not because you have any idea what good it will do.

Finished with a score of 90.
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