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Originally Posted by HieroHero View Post
Maybe the magazines cover the games because people actually like them.
Yeah, nothing to do with the recognizable name...

Funny, they don't cover ANY other adventure games... guess not a single adventure game has been good in the last 6 years cept the 2 that just HAPPEN to have a name people remember.

Makes a ton of sense! Thanks!

No Runaway 1-3, no Ceville, no RHEM, no Dark Fall 1-3, no Lost Crown, no Emerald City confidential, no Immortals of terra, no overclocked, no Sherlock holmes Nemesis, Lupine, or Awakened, no Barrow Hill, and I could go on and on...

Yep, no correlation to the name Sam and Max or Monkey Island that is having them cover it.. it is just the BEST! Nothing else is even worth reviewing!

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