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I bought a bunch of games on GOG during the holiday sale, so I've been taking a few of them for a spin lately. The past few days I've been playing Empire Earth, which is similar to Age of Empires but with more ages and units and stuff.

I am playing the Greek campaign (3rd scenario, Trojan War) which has me in the copper age trying to beat an opponent that is one age ahead (bronze) and who has a vastly superior military.

The scenario limits my population to 100 and doesn't allow me to advance to the next age, and I got utterly obliterated when I tried invading with what I thought was a bitchin' army. (Fortunately I saved the game before invading!)

Well, after consulting a walkthrough to get some tips, I see that a direct invasion is ill advised and (duh!) I'm supposed to do something with a horse...

Hopefully this evening's attempt will prove more successful!
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