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Anyone know how to solve the problem on Windows 7? I'm having trouble getting it to work.. this is whats happened....

I installed the game, attempted to play, and it says "TIN3_DXD.EXE has stopped working"

I attempted to run the game in all compatibility modes: windows 95, 98 and 2000/ME.

It still said that TIN3_DXD.EXE has stopped working.

So I changed in the registry to open windowed mode like it says to do above.

But it still doesn't work. I've also tried reinstalling, I've tried a no-cd game patch, but none of this works.

Could it be the wrong version of direct X? Do I need to install the game IN compatibility mode? Is there something wrong with my game? You all seem to have made it work with Vista, I don't see why it doesn't work on Win7... anybody know?

Please help! Thanks
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