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Originally Posted by Ugignadl View Post
No. Just because I don't want them to do it, doesn't mean I will begin to dislike the series. I can't play a lot of recent (non PS3) games, but that doesn't mean I don't like them. Conversely, if a developer chose to allow people with older hardware to play their game, then I would not necessarily enjoy it.

If Telltale increase the hardware requirements to a point where I can't play their games any longer, then I will continue to tell people that they make great games. I will continue to hold a high opinion of their work. I just won't be able to enjoy it personally. (Unless they release them on PS3.)
Well if thats the case, then why say Haters will hate? No one is hating the visuals. We are only analyzing them to the point that it can portray the style better if the graphics were improved.

@Little Writer: Assassins Creed 1 & 2's stories and direction in general surpass everything on so many levels. Such a spectacular adventure it was. More so on the second game. Which had some inspiration from the adventure/puzzle game "Evidence", with the subliminal and experimental visual puzzles.

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