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Originally Posted by tabacco View Post
Yes, I know the trailer, but I think you may not realize the massive amount of effort that went into achieving it. That trailer was the product of multiple animators over a couple of weeks animating by day and borrowing whatever computers they could overnight to build an impromptu render cluster. Then the whole thing was edited and processed through after effects to achieve some of the glow and blur effects.

It's not just a matter of some secret toggle in the renderer that says 'make this look nicer', and it's certainly not something you're ever going to see happening on a monthly release schedule.
I know exactly how such effects are accomplished. I'm not saying telltale SHOULD make the games like it. I'm just pointing out how Sam & Max can look like it should, while coordinating with Hol's post.

Let me also say this. There may not be a secret toggle, but I have worked with game design long enough to say that such effects can be done in real-time. Some easily accomplished in the Unreal Engine. Sure, we aren't at the stage of producing perfect depth of field, but if you read my post. I pointed out various shaders that can be used to accomplish what was seen in the trailer.

Yet in an attempt to demean my post, you insult me with the poorly chosen words "Secret Toggle", ignoring the fact that I supplied enough information that has nothing to do with an easy process.

I also had a hand in helping out Valve on the Team Fortress 2 Sniper video. It takes a lot of work, but it was all done in-engine. Sure, such features like High Quality Motion Blur and 24pass Depth of Field requires the engine to render out the frames, but beside that, everything seen in the video can be seen in real-time. I didn't want to go there, but everything in that S&M trailer is more than possible, except for the really high AntiAliasing, HQ Depth of Field, Excessive Poly Count, and HQ Motion Blur.

Originally Posted by tabacco View Post
Nope, I think they look great. But adventure fans aren't happy unless they're complaining about something
Yet, even I never said the graphics looked like shit. I even went out of the way to say they look good.

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