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So I arrived at day 2 with 54 points, though I think I got a few during the day 2 introduction.
It feels like I may not have done everything at the police station and the crime scene yet...

When I played this game 14 years ago(?), I got stuck on day one. I restarted at least 4 times and must have tried every possible combination numerous times. Only when I found a hintfile 2 years later I could get past that same point that M-E mentioned. That why I clearly remember all the actions up to that point, but after that...

Indeed the game sets of a bit slow, but there's enough intrigue already to make it captivating, I think. Personally I don't care much for Gabriel's voicing but the others, especially Grace and the narrator, are great.
But what I remembered most was the music. Wonderful what was done with the limitations of the time.
The midi sounds a bit silly on my computer (is that different with different soundcards?) but the music still shines through.
I'm recording it while playing so I can listen to it without the game.

BTW I didn't know the music in Napoleon House wasn't original. Is Vivaldi mentioned in the credits somewhere?
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