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Cellardoor-Gosh, am I the only one who LIKED the voice acting in KQ5?! lol And I didn't know Tim Curry voiced Gabriel in Gk3. I haven't played it, but I have played the 2nd one, and since he gave up the role, I didn't think he came back!

Hello Andrea! lol Thanks for helping me see if I need to replay the first chapter again or not. I did not do these actions;
Read Heinz Ritter Book 1
Read Snake Book 1
Get gift certificate* 1
Ask Gran about Philip, Margaret, Harrison and Heinz(*) 4=I asked about the first three, but didn't see a way to ask about Heinz
Get sketchbook 1
Read sketchbook* (INV) 1
Open clock* 5
Get photo in clock* 1
Get letter in clock* 1
Read letter (INV)* 1
Ask Frick About Mosely 2
Use magnifying glass on grass 1
Use tweezers to get scale 2
Use sketchbook on sand 2
Get clay* 1
Look at sign at Voodoo Shop* 1
Show murder photo at Willy* 2

That's sad, isn't it? How much I missed. lol
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