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OK, I won't be able to finish the first segment completely today, but here are some first impressions and thoughts:

- I was just reminded of how much I love this game; from its perfect plot to the small chime-sound you hear when points are scored.
- Those of you that enjoyed the music in the Napoleon House, might want to check out this song by Vivaldi, especially the part starting at 7:48...
- The voice acting is just great. Sierra has come a long way since King's Quest 5.
- The credit roll of the CD version is really impressive. The music heard is one of the game's better pieces, and the images shown are really intriguing. Does anyone know where these are from?
- Wow, was this game released in 1993?!
- The humor is excellent, and is delivered superbly by the actors. Even before getting to make my first mouse-clicks, I already laughed a couple of times. The contrast it provides with the game's dark theme also works really well.
- Oh, and by the way: When clicking the Use-icon on Grace, Tim Curry's voice reminds me of how he voices Gabriel in GK3.
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