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Having played the other Telltale series since season 2 it's pretty clear that their is no game funnier than Sam & Max.. When I play telltale's Sam & max games I'm pretty much laughing non-stop. Every line of dialogue is a chance for a joke.. So yeah I can't wait for season 3.

The entire company was formed on the basis of episodic, digital content, consistent releases. It has proven to be a great move because that is exactly where the video games industry was heading.. Adventure games were left behind in the 90s..but Telltale has put them on the cutting this move. No one has been able to do release monthly episodes on schedule like Telltale. It doesn't give them a lot of time but it's a financially viable business model. If they made that 1 big game(their first game was Bone) like many are suggesting they would probably no longer exist. So yeah their are pros and cons to the model but I think its been vital to their success.
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