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Up in the Air

Jason Reitman is quickly becoming one of my favourite directors. Juno, Thank you for Smoking and now Up in the Air are movies of the highest order.

George Clooney is superb as the Corporate Downsizer who travels 320 days of the year, constantly in hotels and planes etc. Removed from all personal connections and avoiding life while ruining the lifes of thousands.

His only goal in life is to hit an air mile target.

Into this controlled life come two women who threaten to shake it up. He meets and is attracted to Alex another frequent flier ("I'm like you with a Vagina" she tells him) and starts up a casual relationship, and Natalie a young high flier straight out of business school with a bright idea to use the internet and webcams to downsize people and cut down on travel costs.

I loved how Reitman uses real people who have been laid off in those scenes, it really hits it home.


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