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The whole argument of whether episodic releases work or not is a topic in itself, but I will briefly say I think it works great for Telltale. A lot of people used to think the genre to be dead, but Telltale sparked a surge of interest back into it. Regular and constant releases of high quality (opinion) gets the non-us interested and listening, far more than they would if Telltale was bringing out one single release a year. Press wouldn't cover that every month, but they do with episodes. Obviously Telltale aren't the only company releasing adventure games, but they are an integral part.

Tales was definitely a huge step up for the company in terms of quality, and I'm excited to see where this takes us for Sam & Max. I'm not a fan of the recycled content in the past two seasons, and I really hope they find a way to mix everything up and make it fresh. I don't just mean putting a few new items in the office or redecorating Bosco's, I'd like to see everything brand new in each episode and taking the duo out off the usual street 'hub'. The concept art teased on the official site seems promising, so hopefully we'll be getting some more information soon in the new year.
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