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The 00's seemed like the age of shifting platforms. Consoles rose to the top, PC's titles have all but vanished from bricks and mortar retail stores, and hand held gaming took nearly everyone by surprise.

Sandbox games definitely hit their stride. Publishers ate each other and their young and now mega producers are making games with hollywood budgets and hollywood stars.

Thankfully digital distribution also took off, giving developers an affordable means to ship their products and try their hand at innovation with less risk, and provide older back catalogue titles without the overhead of boxes and shipping.

I think in the future we'll see a convergence of handheld gaming and mmorpgs, and a greater acceptance of gaming as an adult passtime everywhere but in Australia.

Yes, I don't think Australia will get its R18+ category in the next decade either. More games will be shoehorned into the M15+ bracket, doing more harm to those the lack of an R18+ category is supposed to protect.
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