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Originally Posted by thejobloshow View Post
Ah, the noughties. It was the best of times, it was the blurst of times.

I remember at the start of this decade when games like Duke Nukem Manhattan Project, Hyperspace Delivery Boy! or a number of old school genre titles would come out and be greeted with... yeah it's fun, but a cheap throwback. This is "budget software".

Now as we enter 2010 (The teens? Teenies? The tennies?) the number one stocking stuffer had to have been New Super Mario Brothers on the Nintendo Wii with many game reviewers having nominated it as best of the year next to cutting edge titles like Uncharted 2, Left 4 Dead 2 and Modern Warfare 2. (Plus, there's a 2D HD Sonic game coming next year!) BTW, the number one selling gaming console? The Nintendo DS... So retro.

It was much the same for adventure gamers... We started the decade with 'adventure is dead' and are now ending it with a Monkey Island game and a number of Sam and Max titles. That's not to mention the hype surrounding Heavy Rain... I would have never thought that an adventure title would have as much pre-release interest to console gamers as action and fantasy fare like Bayonetta and FFXIII.

So, in comparison to the 90's (Which was like the silent era for me that ended with 3D becoming the standard) this decade seems akin to a transitional era where developers were attempting to streamline game development and then had to humble themselves in understanding... there's a place for every type of game. The kid playing Saints Row 2 is also playing Scribblenauts, and here's hoping that the new decade brings even more variety because of this.

Boy, that seems like I wrote a fair bit... It's all conjecture anyway, what did you think of this decade?
I totally agree, so I don't know more to add.
While I think that this decade offered many quality titles (very few of them adventures, though), conventions are so established now that most games only improved on existing gameplay mechanics, templates, without truly inventing something new. So, the big titles were kinda conservative.
Okay, music games like Guitar Hero are quite popular now. And open world games like GTA3. I think these were the most important advancements.

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