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Originally Posted by DrFrankenstein View Post
More S&M episodes is hardly shocking.
True. But then, I don't consider Wallace & Gromit's Grand Adventures or Tales of Monkey Island to be "more of the same" either. 2009 was a very special and amazing year for Telltale. The Wallace & Gromit license from Aardman came as a big surprise to me, for example. And then came Monkey Island, which many (myself included) thought would never come back, in any form.

In light of all this, and considering it is Telltale's goal to produce recurrent, episodic material, I don't see Sam & Max's new series as a disappointment. I actually feel quite the opposite. Yes, the crime fighting duo's return was expected, and isn't exactly shocking news. However, I fail to see how it can potentially prevent Telltale from coming up with different series in the meantime, just as they always do.
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