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Originally Posted by Fantasysci5 View Post
I know!! Some movies are so bad, that they're funny!

EDIT: lolz Was that spelling error on purpose?
What spelling error!? Haha

Originally Posted by Denaron View Post
Moon - 2009

Totaly agree with geggis. It really is a top film. One of the best sci-fi drama I've ever seen since 2001: A space odyssey. I really recommend it!
You know, I was almost entirely convinced my girlfriend had no time for Serious Sci-fi after (really) hating Blade Runner, disliking Sunshine, Alien, Aliens and Alien 3 then she pulled a curve ball by loving 2001 and Moon. It was a pleasant surprise!

Originally Posted by Gazzoid View Post
I'm quite curious about District 9. Has anyone here seen it and what did you think of it?
I thought District 9 was, overall, a great film. It's got some clever juxtapositions with real life discrimination and prejudice (like you said) but is also shot through with black comedy. The film falters on a number of occasions but it's good fun. It's definitely apparent that the director loves Valve too.

Originally Posted by Fantasysci5 View Post
I saw District 9 Gazzoid, and although I wasn't blown away by it, I did like it a lot. It was very original and definitely worth a view.
I'm with you Fantasy, I had high expectations for it and while it didn't blow me away either it was a great bit of sci-fi. One of my friends preferred it to Moon which is pure nonsense if you ask me!
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