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I saw Up yesterday. I found the first half very good. The way the story of Carl and Ellie was told, and how Carl decided to let his house float to South America was very well done. But as soon as Carl and Russel arrived in South America...
disaster struck, in the form of talking dogs and lots and lots of unexplained and horrible things. I hate talking animals in any movie, and in this movie they weren't necessary at all. There was also much too much unnecessary violence in the movie, from dogs flying planes resembling Japanese kamikaze pilots a bit, shooting at Carl and Russel, to the villain falling to his death. After the movie ended I was left with many questions. Where did the dogs come from? And the complicated electronic collars they wore? How did the dogs so unbelievably intelligent? How did the famous adventurer get as crazy as he was? Why couldn't Carl and Russel show him how beautiful live birds are? Making the adventurer plunge to his death was a convenient way to get rid of him, and of course killing the villain happens in many movies, but it's not something I would want my four year old kid to see. I'm sorry but compared to Ratatouille and Finding Nemo, for instance, this movie is rubbish in my opinion. It has some good parts, but more than half of it looks too much like a bad action movie. I wouldn't go there with my kids.
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