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Fantasysci5: And the 2nd game was also my favorite.
The second also is my favorite. I absolutely adore the jazz-tinged, nighttime atmosphere, not to mention the greater abundance of no-nonsense, hardboiled dialogue from various characters (which only Joey seemed to deliver in the other two games). I stayed up late playing this one, glass of bourbon in hand

ZeframCochrane: Plus... Rosa's cute!
I used to love the idea of knowing someone like Rosangela (or Lauren), until I had to work with a woman in my newsroom that looked/acted almost exactly like her (who was a reporter, nonetheless). Sure, Rosangela's quirky, maybe even a little cute in the game, especially for a smart, shy writer.

But Dave, she's not someone you want to know in REAL LIFE.
"Reading/writing people, we are finished; we are ghosts witnessing the end of the literary era." -E.I. Lonoff

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