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Best comedy horror since Shaun of the Dead.

After someone eats a contaminated buger and catches Mad person disease (Zombies) it spreads to 99.9% if the people in the world leaving the USA deserted.

Redubed Zombieland by one of the survivors who is trying to survive by a series of rules he has made up. Rule 1: Cardio (Fat people were the first to be eaten), Rule 4 (Double tap zombie to make sure they are dead) He teams up with a few other survivors and travel across country to a final showdown in a theme park.

This is a hilarious film. Woody Harrlson is soo funny as the bad ass in search of the last twinkie in the country and Jesse Eisenberg provides his normal neurotic stick which works well as a foil for the jokes.

It has one hilarious cameo (which I won't spoil) and lots of zombie action in between the jokes.

I loved it and it was especially ironic watching zombies in a theme park while in Orlando ( I fly home tomorrow)

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