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An art student breaks up with his girlfriend. in the aftermath he finds himself unable to sleep and so gets a job in an all-night supermarket. There he meets a bunch of "wacky characters" and hilarious hi-jinx almost entirely fail to ensue. Instead the lead character mostly self-examines in irritatingly pretentious voice-over and dull flash-backs to his youth.

Oh, and he discovers an ability (imagined) to be able to stop time. He uses this ability to half-strip the female customers in the shop so he can draw them in the nude. This gets a lot of coverage on the box despite being at most 4 minutes of the 102 minute running time. I expected as much going in.

Will appeal to people that like looking at unclad women if they skip straight to scene 4 on the DVD, though they'll still probably want to turn the sound off (ultra-pretentious voice-over about life and beauty and his childhood) or those that think extended voice-overs and unnecessary slo-mo scenes make a film intellectual.

Still not the worse film I've ever seen though.
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