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Originally Posted by AFGNCAAP View Post
Incidentally, Nikita Mikhalkov's recent 12 is an unusually non-redundant remake. Inferior to be sure, over-the-top where the original was minimalistic, and I am certain a lot of minor things will be lost on non-Eastern-Europeans... but with equally strong acting across the board, and a few interesting spins on the story (particularly towards the end). I higly recommend it, but only to those already familiar with Lumet's film.
I watched 12 on your recommendation, and I didn't enjoy it. The flashbacks were so vague, I couldn't tell what they were meant to be saying (if anything). The characters all go on and on about personal anecdotes that have nothing to do with anything; that's not dramatic, it's tedious. Other than the racist and the foreman, nobody seems to have particularly strong feelings about anything, so it feels like a movie about twelve people sitting around wasting time. Even by the end of the movie, I felt like only knew anything about a handful of the twelve. I can't figure out what any of the artsy touches in the movie are meant to symbolize, like that "ripple" in the air. It just seems like Mikhalkov took a story which was excellent because it was so focused and simple, and complicated and muddied it to the point where it's hard to care.
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