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Originally Posted by kuze View Post
I'll have to disagree on this one. I haven't seen the original, but found Mihalkov's remake to be a great movie nevertheless. It does deal with racial issues a lot, a topic that has been very current at all times in the former sowjetunion.
Yeah, I also know people who've seen only Mikhalkov's film and enjoyed it a lot. What I really should have said is that watching it with knowledge of Lumet's IMO gives the most satisfying experience, because you can see how the screenplay is toying with your expectations, reshuffling the order of some scenes from the original, or turning them to eleven, or ignoring them completely. For example, I smiled when

Mikhalkov's Juror#1 says matter-of-factly "Yeah, and all of you also forgot that the woman was short-sighted." just before his big speech, because the witness' eyesight was a pretty big point that ultimately convinced one of the most stubborn jurors in the original. Almost as if the director was berating his actors for missing a scene.

Anyway, both great great movies in their own ways, so we don't disagree at all.
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