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Hey all. I'm sorry in advance for the amount of pictures I'm going to post, but I have the need to introduce my pets.

First and foremost, is my kittie, Max. He's my everything, almost as much as Louie or my adventure games. I can't express how much I care about him. He's very old, over 18 years, so I'm actually quite scared he may die soon, and I won't be there. I miss him so much at college. He was a "porch kittie" before we got him, and I've had him most of my life. I named him. He's very skittish around people, and yet me and him have a bond nobody else can duplicate. He is very unnaturally skinny, to the point where I can feel his ribs, since when my dad feeds the cats, he goes running in fear. He's comforted me many times when I've been really depressed, without me having to grab him and make him cuddle. He's very special to me. He has a very high pitched squeek, so when people go to pet him, it seriously does sound like he's in pain-scared out of his mind, even when he's not. I love my Max.

The 2nd picture is Max again, on the left, this time with his lovely yellow eyes open. The fat one on the right is Harley. I got him from my friend who was moving away and couldn't bring him. He's such a tease; I love cats that will cuddle, but he'll jump on my lap for about a minute, then jump off. I'm not as fond of him as I am with Max, because Max will stay on my lap for hours.

The 3rd picture is another one of Harley awake.

The 4th picture is Max's deceased brother, Goofy-also named by me. We didn't really get along. When I was younger, I used to err, "torture" the cats, holding them when they didn't want to cuddle. But I never touched Goofy, and he still hated me. He'd go for my feet when I was walking by. But he was a pretty trenquil cat, who always sat on my Mom's lap. I knew when he was reaching the end, because he actually came to cuddle on my lap while I was watching a movie. By the end, his fur was damp on his skin and he was getting yellow, and it was a sad sight. He used to be "top cat", but now Max is. I actually miss Goofy a lot. Just looking at his picture, he looks to have an air of authority and grace, kind of reminding me of how aloof Sherlock Holmes was.

Speaking of deceased, the 5th picture is my now-dead bird, Tweety. I miss him, and I've had him almost as long as Max. But Tweety's been gone for quite some time. I really miss having a bird. He was the first bird I got, along with a green one; and once that green one died, I bought another, and he still died before Tweety did. I was the one who found him, face down at the bottom of the cage. That image still haunts me today, but I miss him. When I get my own apartment (if they allow pets), I'm going to get a bird. As you can see from the mirror next to him, he loved to "feed" the other bird in the mirror (himself). I guess he thought that it was another bird, so he's bring up his seed, and smear it on the mirror. Kind of sweet, actually.

Okay, I think that's it. Sorry for the length of this post. I just wanted to share.
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