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Originally Posted by Squinky View Post
I agree too, but I've talked this topic to death in so many other places (Mata Hari cover art, anyone?) that I thought I'd let other people have a go at it this time around.
I guess I understand. I usually take the opposite action; debates that interest me tend to fade out before I've even began to grow tired of them so I generally jump on the next most similar one to come along.

With the Mata Hari cover, though... Well I saw the cover without mentally connecting it with the game. Having read some of the background I already knew it was about a historical figure who professionally took her clothes off. The fact that she's was (or may have been) a spy easily makes her a great candidate as the subject for an Adventure Game. (Spies and Adventure Games go together like.... Detectives and Adventure games!).

Look at it this way; how often will the "Sex Sells" approach to marketing actually be as educational as this? (Unless it's for sexual education, ofc).

This reminds me; have I mentioned, yet, how much I like your boobies? The ones in your avatar, I mean?
Originally Posted by booB View Post
Thankyou, I am installing this now
I'm not nearly as miserable as I appear to be. And I don't mean to argumentative but that's how my conversations tend to seem.

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