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Default To those looking for a new Morrowind....

Look no further than Divinity 2! I'm playing through the translated German version right now, and I don't even need to hear the voices, this game is amazing

It totally brings me back to my first playthrough of Morrowind. The world is gigantic, there is a TON of goodies, the writing is hilarious and unique, and it has that thing that open world RPG lack these days...FUN. I'm about 12 hours into the game and from what I can tell I'm about 15% of the way through the game and have got 120 different items and weapons, half of which I know what they are for, and that is after not picking up about 100 other items I've come across.

The game is the perfect difficulty, and really makes you appreciate what little strength you gain as you level up. You can actually jump off massive cliffs and bash around objects and break open chests as you along. There are a million different weapons, with slots for charms and enchantments you can put on the weapons. There are a sea of sidequests to do, and like 90% of them are a blast.

The graphics are about on level with Gothic 3, kind of that same style as well. This is literally the first game of this type that I can barely bring myself to put down since Morrowind.

Like most games of this type don't be turned off by the difficulty for the first dozen or so hours, it just makes victory that much sweeter. The game comes out in English in September I believe.....BUY IT!!!! I'm definitely going to be following Larian studios (the creators) after this game....

A resounding 10 out of 10 so far

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